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Официальная прошивка для Texet IX Maxi

Скачать прошивку Официальнуя прошивку для Texet IX Maxi открывшемся окне и для всех гаджетов os Андройд iOS 3 volt regulator on this GPS that steps down the 5vdc to 3. THNX DUDE, you re a great helper, i just wanted to say it, because we use youtube for granted now a days and nobody thanx one and other anymore. You do GOOD work. And i have huge respect for that. Appreciate your comment sir. Was thinking of attempting to use this FC www. rmmds search tested and works great. It probably would work since it has enough enough serial ports but it might take some experimentation to find which ports to use. Strange I ve flashed FC ok but the blue light is slow flashing still, everything appears ok otherwise. Any idea if this is a problem Dave. Yep I left powered and the blue light goes out and again it all seems to work fine thanks. No Problem, should be fine once you arm it. Damnnnn i thought mine has no problem. there s just no response when i click flash firmware. So installing the ImpulseRC driver fixer above immediately solves it.

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